What I can do for you

looks a bit complicated – read on….


I fix technology

I develop web sites and make the internet work

I’m your confident local hand holder after the tech got a bit too techy

If your problem doesn’t fall into one of those categories then probably you need someone else.

If it does, read on

Fix Technology


  • repair computers
  • remove viruses and their after effects
  • upgrade PCs – more memory, bigger disks, migrate to Windows 10 etc
  • see this page from Which?
    • I do all that sort of stuff

No fix – no fee.

Develop Websites

Everything to do with the internet and web sites:

  • design, install and deliver new web sites using WordPress based sites that you can update yourself)
  • amend and update existing web sites
  • low cost web site hosting
  • Set up email systems and email accounts

And pretty much anything else to do with the internet…..Local Support

InĀ  and around the Chalke Valley near Salisbury.

If it’s a problem with PCs. Networks, Internet: just drop me a mail.

I’ll get you going.