A bit about me


Hi meet me – Martin Altham

I’m not in the first flush of youth….I’ve been around a bit…I know a thing or two.

And one of the things I know about is technology. How it works, why sometimes it doesn’t, how to fix it when it goes wrong.

And as you well know, it goes wrong more often than we like and we spend more time than we want tinkering with said technology to make it work.

See the “what I can do” page for a bit of detail on what I can do.

Me vs Modern spotty oik

Long before modern spotty oik was born I took and gained an A in CSE Computer Science, in fact the very first course ever run in the UK. It was a long time ago. Followed by an A at O-Level.

Followed by 1st Class Honours, Summa cum Laude , B.Eng (Tech) Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I’ve also got C.Eng and MIEE after me….

As a a fully certified first class Oik I drank beer, fooled around a bit, got married, raised my own oiks and I’m now retired. In the sense I don’t work for anyone else nowadays.

But I did work  – designing computers of all sorts, writing the software that made them do the things they did.

And then selling them. And then marketing and product marketing them. In all sorts of technologies including military grade encryption, banking systems, digital TV and Pay TV systems.

And through all that I gained experience on how to make technology, how it works, how to sell it. And it was fun all the way (or at least the bits I remember were)

And that’s the difference between me and modern spotty oik: I know how these things work and I know how to fix them.

I’m not scared of them.

So if you want to use my services have confidence that I can do what I say I can do and let you get on with what you do best, whatever that may be.

Contact me on underscores-at-mpal.co.uk (replace the -at- with @)