Web sites you can update yourself

Examples of sites made using WordPress, all based on customised standard themes:

Key Features:

Photographic site.

  • Stunning home page slider
    • each refresh picks a set of 6 images from the library
  • Simple to upload and categorise images
  • Create galleries and automatically add images
  • Allows the photographer to quickly add images
  • No technical knowledge required
  • 16 pages, of which 9 are user created photo galleries
Key Features:

Site promoting Chalke Valley Stores, shop PO, coffee shop and community centre

  • User editable pages:
    • rotas for volunteers
    • special promotions
    • individual pages
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Email address capture and auto mail shot. auto twitter
  • Full width background
  • EU cookie directive support
  • Excellent Google rankings
  • 16 pages
Key Features:

A comprehensive site for the Chalke Valley Sports Centre:

  • Multi Club site under one banner
    • each club has own logo, pages and events calendar
  • Events calendar:
    • multi club/ multiu location
  • Email shot support:
    • address capture
    • specific sports interest
    • auto mail shot.
  • 20 pages
ocean40This is my own personal holiday sailing blog. Should I count it? Well I think so for reasons on the right.
Key Features:

My own blog.

I’ve chosen to include it because it serves as good example of how you to go from zero to a working web site:

4 hours work resulted in:

  • Site name registered, email address & web space created, theme chosen (Kvarken) and initial site going live.
  • And thereafter updated online, usually via a mobile data link with new posts for new places visited.
  • Email shot support:
    • address capture & auto mail shot for each new post
  • 4 pages, 35 blog posts and 150 images and 3 or 4 youtube videos